#1 Where to post now? by Horse 25.12.2013 17:27


So Enenews Webcam Forum stopped working almost a week ago. Admin is away. Users want it fixed and have taken over a less used forum in the interim. The networking with others and the three years of content makes it impossible to just move to a new empty board. They don't want to move. They will probably get it fixed. Nucklechen's new site needs to develop its own purpose as more than just a duplicate or replacement of the Enenews Webcam Forum.

#2 RE: Where to post now? by Horse 25.12.2013 17:48


Enenews Webcam Forum seems to be working now.

#3 RE: Where to post now? by wotcha 26.12.2013 11:51


It's down for me today (Thurs 26th) - can't see the discussions or comments even when logged in. Have sent admin a message via Facebook.

#4 RE: Where to post now? by Horse 26.12.2013 12:58


I was on once, slow to load, then couldn't get on again. Saw your entry on


the temporary solution over there. The web cam watchers are an important part of Enenews. They stimulate conversations, network well, and provide real information about the goings on at Fuku. They'll get it fixed.

#5 RE: Where to post now? by M Curie 27.12.2013 00:10

Unable to bring up webcam forum even when log'd. 3:10pst

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