#1 2013/12/23 by nuckelchen 23.12.2013 10:00


ouh, something is going wrong right now:

#2 RE: 2013/12/23 by Horse 23.12.2013 10:27


Tomioka cam looks grainy too. Maybe fogging up or rain/mist.

#3 RE: 2013/12/23 by nuckelchen 23.12.2013 17:01


and here is a 16er timelapsed video of the fire-look-a-like yellow lights:

#4 RE: 2013/12/23 by noname 23.12.2013 21:38

Thank you for all that you have done, thanks for caring about people you don't know. Not sure why I came. A group of us witnessed the accident, knew the world would never be the same, were directed to ene news by arnie and have been trying to understand, cope and share ever since. Your video's have been as valuable as my geiger counter. Victoria BC Canada.

#5 RE: 2013/12/23 by Horse 23.12.2013 22:11



looks like it just plays a loop.



just get a blank screen.

#6 RE: 2013/12/23 by Horse 24.12.2013 02:47


@webcam 12-24 1030-jst Was watching tepco cam and saw smoke pass in front of the crane. Checked TBS cam and watched a smoke event. Captured the last part of the event.

#7 RE: 2013/12/23 by Horse 24.12.2013 09:24


Seen the debate about cam discrepancies, noted a few myself. The different camera angles and perspective shifts make it difficult to identify whatís where. No side by side captures, new to this and trying to document events better. I saw a smoke cloud drift in front of the front white tower and dissipate on the Tepco cam. I started TBS and saw it was smoking. Started recording programs and captured the last part. It was over in maybe ten minutes. Here are the TBS captures that show the last part of the smoke event on 12-24 at 10:30 jst.



The question here is what went up in smoke. Is Tepco burning trash in the open air? An equipment fire? Was it a steam release? What went up in Nucklechenís captures earlier?

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