#1 ENE down ? by GQR2 14.02.2014 17:04


Its Feb 14th and there are solar flares. The site is slow to respond. First thought was to come here.
If the site goes down Thank-you Nuckelchen this is a great place to come.

#2 RE: ENE down ? by GQR2 09.03.2014 19:19


Fukushima 3 yr mark may cause site to crash or not upload comments ? so i'm going to post this here for now. Hi Nucky ! There is a link to the Ground Zero fm radio show out of Portland Oregon
i had a little post ( for the WIPP thread at the news) about them passing around the Nuclear Waste like poker chip commodities and the German Nuclear Salt Disposal Scheme, there is a photo of a front loader just dumping barrels toppled in the salt. a mess....but having trouble with both off topic thread thread uploading for some reason. This radio show is all about our radiation situation in WA,Fuku,WIPP.
very good show. Don't want interested enenewsers to miss it :)

Ground Zero/Clyde Lewis radio show called Mutation Nation.

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