#1 2013/12/22 by nuckelchen 23.12.2013 01:41


big wave day goes on:

followed by an extrem pixeled sundown

the early night-hours shows "flushing dark clouds"

#2 RE: 2013/12/22 by 青鷺 23.12.2013 05:02

Nice pix! - Blue Heron

#3 RE: 2013/12/22 by Ivoryrose 23.12.2013 05:14

Thanks for the new site. Observations/thots: 1. you get nice, clear vids but I get mush, fuzz, grey when I go to the cams. 2. Aren't those waves breaking on the breakwater out past the NPP, and not onto the wall where the NPP meets the "inside" water? 3. Big waves, mon. How big do you figure?

#4 RE: 2013/12/22 by nuckelchen 23.12.2013 07:48


hi ivoryrose

1.: like mostly at seaside the weather changes pretty quick. on the 21th the tbs view wents also into grey-green-mood-style after i had recorded two or three hours the crashing waves.
2.: picture taken from helicopter some days ago shows the silly breakwaters, on a normal day(!) :

3.: highest waves on 21th december 2013 about 10 feet and more i would say.

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